Photo-Train: "Two Crocodiles in the Ries"

Dear railway friends,

It is becoming apparent that the well-known replacement service with locomotive-hauled N-coaches trains on the Nördlingen - Donauwörth - Aalen route will continue throughout the first half of 2023. We would like to add a photo train event to this already special range of vehicles at short notice, as the replacement of the semaphore signals in Nördlingen station is becoming more concrete for autumn 2023. The transfer of the E94 088 to the crocodile meeting in the Augsburg railway park in June 2023 should therefore be used for an interim day with photo trains under the motto "Two crocodiles in the Ries" on the above-mentioned route. On Friday, June 23, 2023, the two locomotives E94 088 (Elektrische Zugförderung Württemberg gGmbH) and E94 192 (Bayerisches Eisenbahnmuseum e.V.) in front of photo freight trains, formed from the stock of operational historic freight cars of the BEM, commute on the route from Nördlingen towards Donauwörth.

In addition to the photo train rides on Friday 23 June, participants will be offered a package including the following:
→ Photo-friendly installation of the photo trains in Nördlingen station on the evening before, June 22, 2023 with E94 088, E94 192 and E63 02
→ Admission to the photo parade in the Bahnpark Augsburg on the evening of June 24th
→ Notification of travel times for the special trains to the crocodile meeting, which will run on June 24th and 25th under the auspices of the Bahnpark Augsburg.